Issues with suction and getting it out

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Issues with suction and getting it out

Post  divagirl98 on Fri Aug 09, 2013 4:30 am

I've had a few all right experiences with removing my divacup. These involved some mild pain as it made its way outta my body when I tugged it out after breaking the seal. My vagina doesn't seem to like the stretching of trying to get fingers in there with the cup in.

Aside from that... I tried removing the cup tonight and I had some MAJOR issues breaking the suction. I tried to put a finger up the side as I normally would break the seal that way, but it just didn't wanna let go. I ended up bearing down and continuing to try until finally I think I had the seal, but it still hurt to try to pull it out... felt like it was pulling on my insides. This left my vagina sore, which is why I haven't re-inserted the cup yet.

Any tips to make this process more painless? I shouldn't have to change much as the cup isn't that full at the 12 hour mark, even on my heaviest day, but I still have to change it every 12 hours one way or another. For a 6 day period... that's 12 moments of HELL trying to remove this sucker.

Also if I put it back in tonight, is it possible it could hurt me to wear it since I had so much pain removing it this time?

Any information would be appreciated, thanks!


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Similar Problem

Post  arcane on Tue Jul 15, 2014 12:21 pm

Im new to this forum, I signed up because I basically had the same question. I recently got a DivaCup in model "1" - the one for women under 30 who have not had kids. I've had no problems putting it in, and I find it a lot better than tampons in every other way. Its just the taking it out part thats the problem. Its thin when it goes in because its folded, so even when I am able to break the seal, it still hurts to pull it out when its expanded, because its so much larger. Does anyone have any suggestions for making it hurt less?


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