Just upgraded to the Lunette Model 2

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Just upgraded to the Lunette Model 2

Post  MorMari on Mon Oct 08, 2012 12:31 pm

thinking that it would fix the problem of my Lunette Model 1 riding too high and making it near impossible to get out. Just started using Model 2 yesterday and I was celebrating that it was staying low enough that I could reach it. However, that is not the case today (and I'm at work and don't know how to fix the problem aghhhhhhh!) so can anyone recommend a cup that wouldnt do this? I'm really disappointed because I really want to use an MC but this is the second one and I don't want to keep throwing money away. I think I need to go the gyno because I might have a tilted uterus (its really going to the right) but I was also wondering if I was doing something wrong in putting it in. In the meantime, fingers crossed. I have no idea how I'm goint to get this out!


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