History of Cups

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History of Cups

Post  kimyquel on Sun Jul 29, 2012 5:33 pm

I was doing all of this research when I first heard of mooncups/menstrual cups. Turns out these things were first created in the 1800's!!! Of course those came with an unappealing belt! "yuck!"
I saw an ad for one in Times Square. So much spent on advertising and Nurses suggested them to women. But I guess because of the times and the whole taboo idea of talking about such things, it never took off.
So then I find this website
"which I can't post for 7 days! but it's basically mum.org"
The history is so whacka doodle. So is the fact that there is a menstruation museum!! I just thought it would be interesting for you to add this history link or have some of the original ads or artwork.A women nearly a century ago came up with what she calls "the answer to a problem as old as Eve", her name was Mrs. Leona W. Chalmers. She designed a cup that was pretty much the keeper. It's great information that definately belongs here. As I have only become aware of cups in the past month, I haven't gotten one yet but I am telling all of my friends. And being a teacher I work with a lot of women, some quite skeptical. [u]This brings me to the next idea, can you somehow add a tell a friend/invite a friend link. [/u

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Re: History of Cups

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