Instead and Sex another question MAY contain TMI...actually plent of TMI

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Instead and Sex another question MAY contain TMI...actually plent of TMI

Post  lizblizz on Thu Mar 10, 2011 10:12 pm

The other person posted about whether it can be felt and I am not too concerned about that I just plan to warn my husband. I cannot use a diaphragm as a menstrual cup because its first purpose and main purpose is artificial birth control, correct? So I am Catholic and as a practicing and traditional Catholic I cannot/ do not use ABC (Artificial birth control) but I do want to have mess free sex while I am on my period. (not against canon law to do so Cool )

My problem is even with the instead in seemingly in the proper position and covering my cervix (which i found today for the first time) I seem to still be getting what feels like fresh blood on my finger tips ( I was testing to see if my dear hubby would get any blood on him he is HIGHLY squeamish about seeing blood during sex) I still had blood on my forefinger. I tried to "Clean" the excess blood out with a tampon so I did like 2 tampons and each one still had a little blood on it. not much as if my cervix were uncovered and free flowing but enough that I know my hubby would be grossed out. No

I have a high sex drive especially during this time of the month really sucks to suffer 7-8 days without it. I watched a vid on youtube about how to find the cervix and get the instead cup in properly. im sure its in properly but even with a little bitty bit of blood my husband would say no to sex. He was okay with the blood from my hymen 5 years ago Rolling Eyes but would lose it over a few drops of period blood Sad

Is it possible for there to still be blood on the vaginal walls even with the cervix being covered by the cup? Question Should I shower first then reinsert the instead after?


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